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BOOM with Chris Allen is a monthly showcase of DJ/producer, Chris Allen. Listen now for the best techno, minimal, and tech house tunes playing around the globe.


with Chris Allen

Season 4 • Episode 075


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"The BOOM Podcast is easily my favorite electronic podcast that I'm listening to. DJ Chris Allen puts together a wonderful 2 hour voyage with a compilation of underground and more well known artists. The smooth transitions make the flow from beat to beat seamless. Its the only podcast that I have my notifications on for so that I can listen as soon as it comes out!

If you're looking for something to work to or to dance to, please give this a listen."


“I've been DJing for about 7 years. There are a few DJ's that I really look up to. I don't know Chris, but he is one of those DJ's that I admire. His style and song choice are amazing. His technical ability is impeccable. Keep up the good work Chris. I love your mixes. Keep 'em coming.”

DJ Joe Ross

"DJ Chris Allen is a talented individual. His sense of timing is immaculate. A great DJ who is going places. Anyone who has the chance should go to a club where he is spinning and check him out live. Have been fortunate enough to dance many a night away while he was laying down the grooves. Definitely subscribe to this one! You won't be disappointed!"


"Found this podcast a few months ago and have been listening nonstop since. Perfect for when I need to focus at work and get things done. Keep the episodes coming."


"I've been listening to Chris for some time now (back when you had to d/l off of djchrisallen.net). His mixes just keep getting better and better! Awesome track selection and good pace; Sept 08, Oct 08 and Nov 08 are my favorites so far."


"I love blasting this podcast while I am working and driving. The flow is great and I love discovering new songs through all of the mixes. Keep up the good work man!"



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